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High quality product insights for Melitta

Melitta needed a way to showcase their premium product quality and journey to their consumers, while also getting more insight into their consumer scanning data

Anti counterfeiting for government with the department of motor vehicles

Several Chilean municipalities sought a solution for identifying counterfeit vehicle registrations in circulation. Requirements included real-time inspection results and protection for PII.

Counterfeit prevention and consumer engagement with tamper-evident, Secure QR codes for Motul

Motul wanted to have a solution for counterfeit prevention while also finding a way to directly engage with their products’ consumers

Anti-counterfeiting with QR codes for wine producer Marchesi Antinori

Marchesi Antinori sought to expand and improve their already existing, on bottle anti-counterfeiting solution. After reviewing available options, they chose Scantrust secure QR codes with serialization for their wine labels.

Brand loyalty through connected packaging for Knorr

Knorr wanted to highlight the connection between the brand’s premium ingredients and more enjoyable taste.

Anti-counterfeiting for Dupont water filters: Scantrust case study

Dupont sought a solution to address grey market and counterfeit water filters in key markets. They also wanted to create a direct engagement channel with professional water filter installers.

QR code track and trace with anti-counterfeit packaging for Rémy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau uses tamper-proof, secure QR code for track and trace and anti-counterfeit packaging on bottles & cases.

Supply chain traceability for automotive batteries: VARTA® tracks route-to-market

Clarios sought to improve downstream traceability, and establish direct engagement with end-users of VARTA® automotive batteries.

QR codes for marketing campaigns: how ISDIN skincare uses connected packaging

ISDIN marketing campaigns required an enterprise-grade, scalable QR code management solution that went beyond what’s possible with free QR code generators.

Anti-counterfeit solution for Duesberg medical gloves

Duesberg sought to give their customers confidence in the quality and authenticity of their medical gloves as counterfeit PPE items flooded the market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Machine part information via QR codes for BHS Corrugated

BHS sought to improve spare parts traceability and establish a direct communication channel with machine technicians that reported difficulty locating spare part details and user manuals.

Anti-counterfeit packaging and digital datasheets for AkzoNobel Protective Coatings

Akzo Nobel provided their customers a way to check the authenticity of International Protective Coatings while giving easy access to digital product datasheets and safety materials.

QR codes for GMO labeling on Ferrara candy

The U.S. Bioengineered Food (GMO) Disclosure Standard requires bioengineered ingredient disclosure on food packaging. Read how Ferrara arranged compliance while also directly engaging their customers.

Anti-counterfeiting tax stamps for INASE National Seeds Institute of Argentina: Scantrust case study

INASE needed a robust and economical solution to detect and prevent counterfeit tax stamps in Argentina.

Anti-counterfeiting and product traceability for Baia’s Wine

Baia’s wine uses tamper proof, secure QR codes for supply chain traceability and consumer engagement.

Anti-counterfeit solution with QR codes for NRG wind tools

NRG required a solution to detect counterfeit wind measurement tools in-market and increase supply chain traceability.

Tamper evident labels for bottles and secure QR codes for anti-counterfeiting

iHealth uses tamper evident labels and secure QR codes to ensure authenticity of their probiotic supplement products while monitoring for scans outside the intended market.

Anti-counterfeiting in biotechnology and agriculture: a Scantrust case study

By adding an authentication layer to products and activating a rewards loyalty program, client sales increased by no less than 30%

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