Consumer shopping in grocery store


Unique QR Codes for Farm-to-Consumer Traceability is Now Live on SAP® App Center

By integrating with SAP Logistics Business Network, material traceability option, Scantrust’s solution for Unique QR Codes for Farm-to-Consumer Traceability delivers trusted connection to end consumers

3DAG - Scantrust Partnership


3DAG partnership announcement

3DAG launches SmartPack holographic tamper-proof security labels integrating Scantrust serialized QR codes.

Staff Spotlight

Scantrust Staff Spotlight: Lance Huang

Our staff spotlight turns to Scantrust Project Manager, Lance Huang.

Connected packaging technology

Counterfeiting is the New Normal. Active Brand Protection is the Solution.

It’s ironic that the same, efficient trade routes that should be nothing but benefit to brands actually creates almost insurmountable challenges with regard to transparency

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Scantrust enables active brand protection, supply chain awareness, and direct consumer engagement benefits by securely binding physical goods with online identities.

Our solutions help maintain brand integrity, deliver valuable consumer insights, and unlock growth potential in the goods companies sell.

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