Cost-effective anti-counterfeiting with secure QR codes

More secure, scalable, and cost-effective than holograms, NFC, and other physical solutions. Scannable by anyone with a smartphone – no app needed.

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Scantrust connects billions of products

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What are Secure QR codes?

Secure QR codes are “upgraded” QR codes


Secure QR codes are standard QR codes which have been upgraded with a security feature. If the QR code is copied, it can be detected as such by our scanning technology.


Any QR code can be made secure


By printing the secure graphic in the center and using Scantrust anti-counterfeiting technology, any QR code can be made into a secure gateway for information.


Instant product authentication with a smartphone


Authenticate any product with a Scantrust secure QR code using a mobile phone. Our algorithm detects if the QR code is an original or a copy.
Learn about apps for authentication


Works with your existing printers and codes


Our secure QR codes are designed to work with many analog and digital printers, and if you already have QR codes, we can secure them.

How do Secure QR codes work?

Secure QR codes can be detected as faked or copied due to the loss of information that occurs when the QR code is scanned and re-printed on a counterfeit product or document. Scantrust scientists pioneered copy detection pattern technology and hold multiple patents which are the foundation of our Secure QR code.



How to add secure QR codes to products or documents

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Download codes or integrate with your printing

Scantrust provides multiple options to download codes or integrate them directly with your label printing equipment and process.

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Equipment is calibrated and codes are activated

We rigorously test and calibrate the printing of secure QR codes on your printing equipment. Codes must be activated before use, and only these codes can be authenticated by end-users.

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Inspector or customer scans to authenticate

Product authentication using secure QR codes can be performed by professional users, inspectors, or end user consumers

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Gets alerts when counterfeits are detected

Act on counterfeit data based on in-market or inspector scans with prompt alerts and historical data. Get notified if a product which should have a secure QR code is scanned without one.

Why teams choose Scantrust Secure QR codes

“Scantrust’s Secure QR codes are actively protecting our products every day.”

We were looking for a solution that is both secure and easy to use for customers, and which would give us more visibility into our distribution. Scantrust helped us achieve our objectives; actively protecting our products every day while providing invaluable market intelligence for our business teams.

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See how brands use Scantrust


Secure QR codes for anti-counterfeit packaging with tamper-proof labels.

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marchesi Antinori case study

After reviewing available anti-counterfeiting options, Scantrust secure QR codes for wine labels proved to be the best option.

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Anti-counterfeiting for Dupont water filters: Scantrust case study

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