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Inspired by a simple idea

Every person in the world should be able to know if the products they use are genuine or not.
Our founders have spent their careers finding ways to protect products and have invented a truly secure mobile product authentication solution, so brand owners can fight counterfeiting and restore trust.

Secure Mobile Authentication

With the world’s first and only copy proof QR code in the market, ScanTrust protects physical goods from counterfeiting. ScanTrust Secure Codes contain a unique fingerprint, which even the best counterfeiters are not able to reproduce. Authentication is made with a mobile phone without the need for a special optic.

Easy & Scalable Integration

ScanTrust Secure QR codes are directly printed on your existing packaging, labels, or documents enabling a scalable cost structure. No special equipment, ink, paper required. ScanTrust just works.

Supply Chain

ScanTrust’s cloud-based solution gives instant supply-chain visibility and allows full control of the supply and distribution chain. Identify counterfeit hotspots, prevent grey market goods, monitor distributors and gain insights on end-buyer behavior and demographic data.

O2O Based on Trust

Start a dialogue with your customer based on trust. ScanTrust’s platform acts as a powerful trigger for customers who find your brand relevant, allowing you to understand the full picture and gain actionable insights. Keep your shoppers engaged at point of sale across channels, devices and platforms.

ScanTrust Secure QR Codes

Protect your brand now

Our Solution


The ScanTrust printer portal allows packaging and label partners to receive orders from brand owners and integrate secure codes into existing automated product packaging and labeling methods.


ScanTrust Secure QR Codes can be easily verified with smartphones through our mobile consumer and B2B apps. Each scan generates immediate data visualized on ScanTrust’s online portal. Users and the brand owner learn instantly when a counterfeit is detected.


Scan-data is visualized on ScanTrust’s online portal. Access real-time business intelligence to recognize patterns and maximize supply chain activity insights. Pro-actively secure your supply chain from the bottom up.


Enhance customer engagement with ScanTrust’s mobile platform and scan analytics. Incentivize your customers to scan products and develop a relationship with your brand. Leverage your data to increase purchase intent at point-of-sale.


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