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The ScanTrust solution suite is based on Product Binding, also known as digitalization, a process by which physical products are associated with an online identity. When combined with a patented method for creating secure QR codes, Product Binding is the way forward for companies that depend on selling physical products in a connected world.

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Apply Unique, Secure Codes To Each Product

Digitize your physical products, protect your brand through authentication and enable unit-level traceability by integrating ScanTrust's patented secure QR codes on your physical offerings.

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Track Your Products Along The Supply Chain

Gather intelligence on your products in real-time as they move along the supply chain. Anomalies such as parallel imports will also be alerted. Each scan is a data point that can drive your business towards better supply chain decision-making.

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Engage With Your End Consumers

Your digitized product becomes a two-way channel between your brand and consumers. Tell your brand's story, educate on product provenance and deliver loyalty campaigns via smart packaging and your products.

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Actively Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand

Enhance trust by allowing stakeholders along the supply chain to authenticate products 24/7 on their mobile phones by scanning secure QR Codes.

Become Supply Chain Aware

Become Supply Chain Aware

Product movements along the supply chain uncover risks and reveal solutions to optimize your operations. Track cross border trade movements and share upstream details.

Drive Consumer Engagement

Drive Consumer Engagement

Communicate directly with your end-customers and gain a deeper understanding of your buyers via first-party customer insights.

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