Give your products a digital identity

Build a connection with your customers, see product-route-to-market, and fight counterfeits.

Give each of your products a unique digital identity through product packaging.

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Know where your products go, from distributor to warehouse to the customer.

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Use Scantrust Secured QR codes to protect your products and customers.

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Create new marketing and engagement channels using packaging and QR codes.

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Unique IDs printed on or applied to products

IDs applied as labels or printed directly on products; applied as RFID, NFC; or lasered.

Associate data to product IDs

Codes have data checked and updated by scanning systems or smartphone apps.

Professional or consumer user scans code

QR code or RFID, NFC is scanned within supply chain, by distribution partner, or by end-user.

Act on product route-to-market data

Get reports and alerts for product route to-market, anti-counterfeiting, and customer engagement.

Dupont works with Scantrust

Protects water filters while engaging professional installers using Scantrust QR codes.

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Remy Cointreau works with Scantrust

Uses tamper-resistant labels with Scantrust QR codes to protect premium spirits and monitor gray market activity.

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Clarios works with Scantrust

Monitors gray market activity of battery products using Scantrust QR codes.

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