Scantrust e-label feature overview

Quickly and easily comply with new EU wine label rules using Scantrust QR codes and e-labels.

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Features – All plans

Quickly create and customize e-labels for wine

Instantly create digital wine labels

Fill out a simple form for each wine. We calculate the energy information for you.


Print now, change later

Make changes to your digital wine label any time, even after the QR code is printed on the label!



Customize the wine label look and feel and preview in real-time.


Save time creating many labels

Easily copy labels or upload from a spreadsheet to save time when creating many labels for many products (SKUs).

e-label editor

Automatic translations and country-specific inputs

Automatically translated to all E.U. languages

Labels areautomatically translated into 24 official EU languages, with the right language shown to customers depending on their smartphone language.


Add region-specific information to your wine labels

Add country-specific information including sustainability & recycling*, alcohol risk, and business operators.


*Compliant with Italian recyclability information disclosure rules


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User-friendly and compliant information in the right language

All you need with one scan

Give your consumers clear, easy-to-read, brand-friendly information that is compliant with E.U. labelling requirements.


One QR code, personalized experience

After a Scantrust e-label is scanned, customers see information in their preferred language.





Enterprise features for large, global wineries

Scantrust offers advanced features required by global brands with many products.

Smart URL redirects per region

Give customers a different experience depending on where they scan.

Bulk API

Bulk, API, and CSV upload

Easily upload your wine data via CSV through a bulk upload interface or API


Custom URL’s
 and domains

Use branded vanity URLs or your own domain for the QR code scanning experience


Scan analytics

See where customers are scanning your wine while complying with data privacy rules.


Enterprise onboarding

Our experts show you everything needed to use our e-label solution given your requirements.

247 global support

Fast global support

Fast global support in your team’s preferred languages, wherever they are.



Pull information from your PIM or ERP directly into your digital wine labels.


SSO & 2-factor auth

Leverage SSO, 2-factor auth, and other enterprise security and authentication features.

qr manager

Mass & unique QR creator

Create and manage large amounts of QR codes, including serialized (unique) ones.

Scantrust e-label feature comparison

See how Scantrust e-label compares to competitors

Features Scantrust Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Easy to use wine & spirit template designed for regulations (EU) 1169/2011 – (Only for wines) – (only for French market)
Enterprise package
Scan analytics dashboard ✓ (extra fees applicable)
Input e-label in preferred language and get automatic translation into 24 official EU languages
Download and share translations
Customizable e-label landing page (colour, title, brand logo)
Update e-label content without re-printing QR code (dynamic content)
Copy data from other E-labels
Set country level information – Pictogram & data on alcohol health risk, sustainability and food business operator
Download e-label QR code in various file format (jpg, png, tiff, svg, eps, pdf) ✓ (excluding tiff)
Customizable QR codes

Why global wineries use Scantrust e-label

“Scantrust offer an efficient and suitable solution for our global portfolio.

Scantrust e-label is easy to use even for many SKUs, meets our strict requirements, and we have peace of mind that our e-labels will be compliant with future labeling laws globally.”

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