Tools to scan and update QR codes and NFC tags in the supply chain

Mobile and web apps to scan, track, and trace products – and their logistical units – through the supply chain to the end customer.


Scantrust connects billions of products

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Easily manage QR code and NFC scan tasks with flexibility and transparency

Manage QR code and NFC scan tasks with a dedicated web app


Create, manage, and monitor the scan tasks to be done by your supply chain staff. See your scan tasks in one ordered list. Changes to you or your team’s tasks are reflected instantly.


Scan items to map order number to product, product to case, case to pallet, and more.


Fix cumbersome workflows and connect systems and information which are difficult to integrate.


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Why teams choose Scantrust for traceability

“Allows us to effectively track route-to-market for our products.

Scantrust allows us at Clarios to effectively track the route-to-market for our products and gain very valuable insights about our supply chain for our business, while establishing the opportunity for direct end-consumer engagement on our products.”


See how brands use Scantrust for QR and NFC scanning workflow


QR code track and trace with anti-counterfeit packaging for Rémy Cointreau

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Supply chain traceability for automotive batteries: VARTA® tracks route-to-market

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motul case study

Counterfeit prevention and traceability with tamper-evident, Secure QR codes for Motul

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