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Counterfeit prevention and consumer engagement with tamper-evident, Secure QR codes for Motul

Motul wanted to have a solution for counterfeit prevention while also finding a way to directly engage with their products' consumers

Counterfeit prevention and consumer engagement with tamper-evident, Secure QR codes for Motul

Key features and benefits

  • Tamper-proof label with secure QR codes for anti-counterfeiting
  • App for matching your car model to the most suitable oil and nearest reseller locator
  • Visual drag-and-drop product landing page builder with multi-lingual support
  • Product fact sheet incorporated into landing pages
  • Loyalty campaigns with prize redemption function for resellers
  • Ability to associate data to products at any point in the supply chain at the unit or batch level e.g. bottle, case, and pallet
  • Dashboard for real-time supply chain traceability data
  • Custom grey market activity alerts
  • Integration with Motul’s ERP via Scantrust API

Solutions used

Project highlights and results

Motul discovered counterfeiting of their products and grey market (parallel import) sales. To kill two birds with one stone, Motul added tamper-evident, secure QR codes to their product packaging. This not only addressed their counterfeit and grey market challenges but also gave them a direct engagement channel with end consumers and product resellers. The Scantrust secure QR codes redirect to custom landing pages with product information, reseller location, and multilingual support. Motul also established product traceability throughout the product live cycle for counterfeit and grey market alerts delivered via the Scantrust system.

Using Scantrust secure QR codes reduced the incidence of counterfeits, lowered grey market activity, and improved visibility across Motul distribution channels in all regions. Consumer and reseller engagement increased by providing data relevant to the product and popular reseller loyalty campaigns.


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