Case Studies

Anti-counterfeiting with QR codes for wine producer Marchesi Antinori

Due to dissatisfaction with an existing vendor solution, Marchesi Antinori sought a replacement for their labels on bottle anti-counterfeiting solution. After reviewing available options, they began using Scantrust secure QR codes for wine labels in earnest.

Anti-counterfeiting with QR codes for wine producer Marchesi Antinori

Key features and benefits

  • Mapping Scantrust anti-counterfeiting technology to an existing label serialization system
  • Integrated authentication with the Marchesi Antinori mobile app via using the Scantrust mobile SDK for anti-counterfeiting features
  • Suspected counterfeit alerts and scan data dashboard

Solutions used

Project highlights and results

Marchesi Antinori is a premium wine brand with almost 700 years of history and well known brand among wine connoiseurs and producers. When the company found that they’d attracted the attention and efforts of counterfeiters, they chose an anti-counterfeiting provider that unfortunately did not resolve their problem. This started a search for a new solution provider and eventually Marchesi Antinori implemented Scantrust secure QR codes with serialization on their wine bottles. Until now Marchesi Antinori has continued to use Scantrust secure QR codes and taken advantage of having the industry’s leading, security label software provider for wine producers as their anti-counterfeiting partner.


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