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Anti-counterfeiting for Dupont water filters: Scantrust case study

Dupont sought a solution to address grey market and counterfeit water filters in key markets. They also wanted to create a direct engagement channel with professional water filter installers.

Anti-counterfeiting for Dupont water filters: Scantrust case study

Key features and benefits

  • Unique, secure QR codes for anti-counterfeiting on product labels
  • Dedicated “Dupont Home Water” app with product information, authentication, loyalty, news, etc.
  • Professional installer loyalty programs
  • Supply chain data linked to products
  • Online dashboards for engagement data and to display gray market and parallel import information
  • Powers loyalty and cashback programs for distributors and professional installers

Solutions used

Project highlights and results

The anti-counterfeit solutions deployed have identified counterfeit hotspots and incidents to enable legal action by Dupont’s brand protection team, and have acted as a deterrent to counterfeiters.

The project continues to build up a CRM database of key customers which has been invaluable for marketing. Meanwhile, scan and engagement data have helped lower cost of advertising campaigns.

See more information about how Dupont handles counterfeit water filters on the Dupont anti-counterfeiting page to learn more.

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