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Scantrust authentication protects your customers, your products, and your brand. Serialization adds a complementary layer for unit-level detail and to enable delivery of targeted messages.

US Patent No. 9594993 B2

Three ways to bring physical items online

Standard QR code

Unique, serialized QR codes integrated with products and packaging, enabling alerts and messaging..

Secured QR code

Non-serialized QR codes which adds an authentication layer, enabling authenticity verification.

Secured QR serialized

Combines all features, enabling alerts, messaging, authenticity and verification in one format.

Lockcon’s sample containers with Scantrust secured QR codes. See case study >

An original Scantrust digital QR code

Original digital code

Scantrust QR code 1st print

Original print at 60% quality from the digital version

A copy of a printed Scantrust QR code

A high-quality copy of the secured QR codes at 36%

The information loss occuring during printing prevents any copied prints from being authenticated as an original product.

We combine the flexibility of QR codes with a secure graphic to protect products from unauthorized copying, using a patented process based on naturally-occurring degradation during the printing process. Our Business Intelligence dashboard gives you access to real-time supply chain data for everything from logistics to marketing.

More effective use of product identification markers

Serialization gives any product, object, or sample a unique digital identity. QR codes are upgraded to provide supply chain data at the unit-level.

Data aggregation and binding

Typically two cameras are used to associate unique codes to products and to shipping containers. This binding enables functions like off-market alerts, black-listing, or target-specific messaging for consumer engagement.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 835695