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Growth brought about by technology and global trade has positively affected many markets and improved everyday lives. However, brand owners are spending more money, time and resources than ever to protect their brands and trademarks as global counterfeit trade increases, especially online.

Industries affected by counterfeit include a range from luxury fashion and beauty products, to automobile parts and pharmaceutical and medical instruments.


How ScanTrust Enables Product Authentication


1. Our Patented Secure Graphic

The ScanTrust Secure Code contains a layer of security via a Secure Graphic that provides protection against counterfeit attempts.

The Secure Graphic is situated in the middle of the QR Code and is a dense, pseudo-random image that authenticates a product and degrades in quality when copied. 

ScanTrust Secure Codes are typically downloaded as image files, by the printer, from the ScanTrust server.


2. Authenticate On-The-Go

With the ScanTrust App downloadable for free on App Stores, anyone along your supply chain can authenticate the physical products you sell, 24/7 on their mobile phones - simply by scanning together the secure QR code and Secure Graphic. 

No special optics are required on mobile devices to enable this authentication feature. 


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