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Brands are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to connect meaningfully with their audience.

With digitalization of physical products and an increase in interest in product provenance, driven by consumers, brands can now leverage smart packaging as a way to communicate directly with their end-consumers, via gamification, loyalty programs and other consumer engagement activities, and share stories about their products. Well-designed loyalty programs provide a compelling reason for consumers to connect with brands and increase levels of engagement.

High scan rates through loyalty programs can effectively motivate consumer participation and generate a data trail of buying behaviour and actionable insights.


How ScanTrust Enables Customer Engagement


1. Launch Campaigns On Your Products

Empower your marketing team with a new channel i.e. your physical products as ScanTrust's Loyalty Platform allows you to set up different types of consumer engagement campaigns on our Content Management System.

With a single scan of your product, your end-consumers can choose to follow, re-engage and advocate for your brand and products via ScanTrust Consumer Landing Pages and SmartLabel for Consumers.


2. Blockchain For Provenance

With the rise of interest in product provenance, heritage and/or expertise, especially driven by millennials, ScanTrust's Blockchain connectors provide the layer of transparency that stores supply chain and product data that is immutable.

Brands can also decide to have their blockchain public and decentralized or private and permissioned.

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