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Active Brand Protection

When brand reputation is on the line, make authenticity and data your strength.

Protecting your products from the point of origin to their final destination.

Scantrust’s patented technology makes counterfeiting all but impossible, protecting your product and in turn, your brand.

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Companies you know well protect their customers, products, and brand with Scantrust Active Brand Protection

Active Brand Protection gives you anomaly detection, black-listed product, and recalled product alerts. Add the Secured QR codes feature and you get our patented authenticity verification. All of this is available on our Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Unique serialization

Serialized products protect your brand in the event of product recalls, black listing, or any anomalies that can be traced back to individual products and codes.

Building your product’s profile

Customize tasks for associating data to product codes wherever it needs to happen, at the plant, in the warehouse, or at the distributor, anywhere, any time.

Each scan is a useful data point

With each scan your products’ data becomes more robust, ultimately creating a useful profile.

See how your products gain the ability to speak with you in the supply chain.

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“We saw that the solution works; the process, the idea, the security of the whole chain works for all stakeholders. The integrated system is unique in this market and provides the highest level of security.”

Monika Egli

CEO, Lockcon AG

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 835695