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Product Authentication

Secure your products and protect them against counterfeits with ScanTrust's patented, secure graphic and QR code.


Supply Chain Traceability

Gain insights into your supply chain and customer profiles via scan data provided by ScanTrust's cloud-based Business Intelligence Dashboard.


Consumer Engagement

Develop direct, meaningful relationships with end buyers via provenance and storytelling, and loyalty programs, all powered by smart packaging.



Secure Graphic

Secure Graphic 

Protect your brand by printing our patented, secure codes on your products. Together, the QR code and ScanTrust's secure graphic are scanned via the ScanTrust App (free for download in App Stores and does not require special optics), enabling product authentication and Track & Trace. 


Business Intelligence

ScanTrust's Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard displays holistic scan data so you can identify counterfeit hotspots and diversion of products with parallel imports, plus gain visibility into where your products are traveling to, when they get there, and who your end-consumers are.


Enhance product transparency and increase consumer trust using ScanTrust's Blockchain connectors. Key product information can be made public on the blockchain and once stored, data cannot be altered or deleted. Being blockchain agnostic, ScanTrust builds with leading distributed ledger technologies such as Hyperledger, BigchainDB, and Ethereum.



ScanTrust Portal

The cloud-based, desktop portal is core to ScanTrust's smart packaging offerings.

Within the portal, businesses can set up their company, products, brands and work orders and activate secure codes. The portal also allows brand owners to manage their Supply Chain Track & Trace, such as configuring alerts that signal anomaly activity, such as parallel imports, and activating authentication settings.

ScanTrust's Business Intelligence Dashboard can also be accessed within the portal for brand owners to gain real-time insights into scan data, their supply chains and end-customer profiles.


ScanTrust Apps

The ScanTrust App is free for anyone to download from Apple's App StoreGoogle Play and Tencent's App Store.

The ScanTrust App allows authentication of physical products, education of product provenance and engagement with brands through loyalty campaigns - all via scanning ScanTrust's secure codes with the ScanTrust App.

ScanTrust Enterprise (STE) App is a mobile app for brand owners on our Professional, Enterprise and Custom plans that allows these businesses to QA and activate secure codes before printing them onto products, and shipping them to end-consumers. 

The STE App is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


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