Lance Huang has led our project management team, designing and building processes from scratch, and managing the liaison between our clients and our team to keep projects on track since 2015.

Our clients appreciate Lance for his extensive knowledge of the Scantrust connected goods platform and the operational processes that are critical to project implementation. His dedication and support to each project he manages is exceptional and the reason our team depends on him.

“Our experience with the Scantrust team was so good, and the team was so supportive. Lance especially really helped us get up to speed and learn the Scantrust system in order to run our project.” – Rana, former manager at Syngenta

While we could spend plenty more time on praising Lance’s attention to detail and commitment to processes, or the way he always remains professional and a welcome addition to any project, we won’t. Suffice to say that Lance has earned both the trust and respect of his colleagues, of our clients and partners, and we’re looking forward to the next challenge with Lance in project management driver’s seat.

We’re proud to have Lance representing the Scantrust mission everyday. With any luck, he could be working on your business too.