Give your products unique digital identities

Product identities, such as QR codes and RFID/ NFC, are the foundation of connected packaging applications.

See product route-to-market and detect gray market data

Detect and prevent counterfeiting of your products

Increase sales and engage customers

Scantrust works with your preferred identifier technology, including QR codes and RFID, NFC

  • Supports 2D/QR, datamatrix, RFID, NFC, and low-energy bluetooth
  • Connect IDs with custom data fields and create parent-child associations
  • Get data from your distribution partners
  • Smartphone app for associating supply chain data with products
  • Works with your ERP – SAP, Microsoft, and more
  • Compatible with GS1, digital link, EPCIS

Scales up with your needs – manage millions of QR codes and URLs across markets

  • Run global, regional, and language-based campaigns
  • Custom URL redirect rules for products, campaigns, and more
  • Granular scan, CTA, and user demographics data
  • Automate with batch upload and APIs
  • Fits your approach, serialized (unique) or SKU-level
  • Enterprise uptime and SLA

Connect your ERP, BI, and other services to your physical products

  • Map order and batch numbers in your ERP to product and logistics units
  • Integrates with ERPs such as SAP Microsoft; manufacturing execution systems (MES); and CRMs and loyalty platforms such as Salesforce
  • Works with pre-press software such as ESKO
  • Data and reporting integrations
  • Scantrust APIs with full developer documentation

Unique IDs printed on or applied to products

IDs applied as labels or printed directly on products; applied as RFID, NFC; or lasered.

Associate data to product IDs

Codes have data checked and updated by scanning systems or smartphone apps.

Professional or consumer user scans code

QR code or RFID, NFC is scanned within supply chain, by distribution partner, or by end-user.

See and act on product scan data

Get reports and alerts for product route to-market, anti-counterfeiting, and customer engagement.

Lean on us: our specialists help you set the right approach for your business

  • Printing, labeling, and tagging solution design support
  • For RFID, NFC: Tagging and inline scanning hardware vendor selection support
  • Global network of qualified technology suppliers
  • Pilot project design support

Dupont works with Scantrust

Protects water filters while engaging professional installers using Scantrust QR codes.

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Remy Cointreau works with Scantrust

Uses tamper-resistant labels with Scantrust QR codes to protect premium spirits and monitor gray market activity.

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Clarios works with Scantrust

Monitors gray market activity of battery products using Scantrust QR codes.

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