Scantrust wine labels with QR codes satisfy strict E.U. requirements while being quick and easy to setup

Scantrust e-label software is especially designed for wine makers and distributors selling wine in the European Union. Get in compliance with the E.U. agricultural reform regulations using this turnkey digital label solution.

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Why choose Scantrust for E.U. wine labels?


Satisfy E.U. nutrition label requirements for wine: no additional labels to print or attach needed


Compliance with E.U. restrictions that come into effect December 2023 prohibiting data collection and sales/marketing content


Quick and intuitive setup using the Scantrust e-label editor to get digital labels online in minutes

Generate digital nutrition labels linked to QR codes or a URL on wine bottles and packaging

Ingredients available by electronic means
Scantrust e-Label offers two options for including the wine ingredients and nutrition information that will be mandatory for wines sold in the E.U. The first is a unique QR code for each SKU or wine product. The second is a dynamic URL website address. In either case, Scantrust e-Label software satisfies the requirements with setup and hosting included in the well-priced subscription.


No additional tags or labels
By adding an electronic ingredient and nutrition label, you’re freeing up more of your on-bottle label for branding, product design, or other messaging. You also won’t need to print and add additional labels which incur unwelcome production costs and can be easily damaged or accidentally removed.


Quick setup and launch. Strict compliance. Reliable e-label hosting

Launch a digital product label in mere minutes
Scantrust e-label software is designed to make short work of filling in the details for wine product labels. You can download the QR code files or URLs from the admin interface and integrate those with your label design as needed.


Comply with restrictions on data collection and content
User behavior data gets collected by most websites and apps through products like Google Analytics, even though you may not notice it. This behavior is a violation of the new E.U. regulations for wine labels. Scantrust e-label for E.U. wines guarantees compliance with a technology stack that carefully prevents violations.

The required information, nothing more and confidence in 99% uptime
The latest E.U. Common Agricultural Policy changes define that no sales or marketing information is allowed alongside mandatory ingredient and nutrition details delivered electronically. Violations can result in removal of products from their intended market. Scantrust e-label guarantees compliance but also ensures that ingredient and nutrition information that absolutely must be provided is always available with a very reliable hosting solution 99% guaranteed. 

e-label editor

How do you setup wine labels using Scantrust e-label for E.U. wine labels?


1. QR codes are issued through the e-label software

Once you’ve filled in product details, you’ll receive your product page-specific QR code or URL


2. Codes/URLs are integrated into wine label design

Unique label designs can be prepared without the cumbersome ingredient and nutrition tables, so long as they feature a link to the content via QR or URL


3. Only print what is required on the label

some nutritional content is required to be printed on the label. The rest of the required ingredient and nutrition information is provided in a digital format that meets strict legal requirements through access using a mobile phone or computer.

Visit the e-label FAQ page for more information


All paid plans have the following features:

  • Easy-to-use template for filling in ingredient and nutritional information
  • Automatic translation to all EU languages
  • Customizable e-label landing page for your branding
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*Prices are excluding VAT

Scantrust e-label solution: what we offer

The Scantrust e-label solution offers many features for customizability and automatic translations while being easy to use. 

e-label solutions comparison table
Features Scantrust Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Easy to use wine & spirit template designed for regulations (EU) 1169/2011 – (Only for wines) – (only for French market)
Enterprise package
Scan analytics dashboard ✓ (extra fees applicable)
Input e-label in preferred language and get automatic translation into 24 official EU languages
Download and share translations
Customizable e-label landing page (colour, title, brand logo)
Update e-label content without re-printing QR code (dynamic content)
Copy data from other E-labels
Set country level information – Pictogram & data on alcohol health risk, sustainability and food business operator
Download e-label QR code in various file format (jpg, png, tiff, svg, eps, pdf) ✓ (excluding tiff)
Customizable QR codes

Top wine and spirits brands use Scantrust technology


Secure QR codes for anti-counterfeit packaging with tamper-proof labels.

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Baia’s wine uses tamper proof, Scantrust secure QR codes for supply chain traceability and consumer engagement.

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marchesi Antinori case study
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Uses Scantrust Secure QR codes to protect their premium wines from counterfeits.

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